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04 Jan 2016

Gerrit has a powerful mechanism for creating dashboards.

There are two different formats for creating dashboards:

  1. git config - based format
  2. URL parameters

The git config based format can be used for storing the dashboards in gerrit and are useful for project dashboards.

The URL parameter approach is useful for sharing different dashboards and for user dashboards (which can be customized by URL).

Create a user dashboard

User dashboards can be created with the URL parameter approach.

Gerrit Dash Creator is a really helpful tool to get started because it takes a git config file-formatted dashboard file and converts it into the URL which you can then use adhoc and by adding that URL to your dashboard.

Create a project dashboard

Add dashboard to gerrit

In order to add a dashboard into gerrit’s project’s dashboard area, you must add a git config file-formatted dashboard file into a branch off of /refs/meta/dashboards/*

Here was a helpful approach I found to actually getting a branch created up there:

git checkout --orphan custom-dashboards
vim my-dashboard
git reset # if needed to make sure other files aren't going to be committed
git add my-dashboard # name of the git config file-formatted dashboard file
git commit -m "add dashboard"
git push origin custom-dashboards:refs/heads/tmp

Then, go to the branch menu in gerrit project admin, add branch /refs/meta/dashboards/my-dashboard with id of the above commit.

Default Site Dashboard

    title = This Dashboard Name
    description = Description of this dashboard
[section "You are a reviewer, but haven't voted in the current revision"]
    query =  NOT label:Code-Review<=2,self reviewer:self project:the_project_name status:open limit:50
[section "Open Changes"]
    query = status:open project:the_project_name limit:20
[section "Recently Merged"]
    query = status:merged project:the_project_name limit:50

I’ve named this dashboard main by substituting my-dashboard with main

Edit dashboard

git fetch origin refs/meta/dashboards/site:refs/remotes/origin/meta/dashboards/site

Add dashboard to the project’s config for default

Check out meta/config

git fetch origin refs/meta/config:refs/remotes/origin/meta/config
git checkout meta/config

Update project.config

    default = refs/meta/dashboards/site:main

In this example, site is the name of the branch, main is the filename in that branch.

ie, refs/meta/dashboards/site has a file called main

git commit -a -m "add Project dashboard"

# directly:
% git push origin meta/config:meta/config

# via review:
% git push origin meta/config:refs/for/refs/meta/config

Flush the cache (if necessary):

If the dashboard doesn’t show up, you may need to flush the cache to get the dashboard to show up.

% ssh gerrit gerrit flush-caches --cache projects

The command I use:

% ssh -p 29418 gerrit flush-caches --cache projects


Deleting remote dashboards

If you need to delete a remove dashboard, you can use this command:

git push origin :refs/meta/dashboards/site

References & Tools

Gerrit dashboard documentation

Dashboard Creator

Creates the URL for a dshboard

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